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Copyright & Legality


Is our Academic Writing Service Legal?

It is essential for every student to ask an important question if using academic writing service can be considered as cheating. With’s Service, it is absolutely ethical and legal to get the academic help you pay for. In this article, you will find the reasons why.

Time is priceless

Millions of students use online services for their assignments from all over the world. Such a help is especially useful for young people who have a lot of responsibilities to cope with besides the studying. There might be various obstacles that make the assignment completion on their own almost impossible, such as part-time jobs to cover studying expenses, family circumstances, sickness, missing an important class, etc.

Many young people cannot afford to spend their time on endless writing, therefore, it is essential to seek a help from qualified experts. We provide a unique help to complete original and high-quality paper for our Customers writing original content to meet their requirements.

Still, there are special restrictions on how materials provided by any writing service can be used by the Customer for academic needs to make such a help legal and avoid participation in any act of academic dishonesty.

Therefore, our Copyright and Personal Use and Terms and Conditions are based on the following:

  • As a legit writing service, we provide our Customers with materials that can help them understand the coursework, as we only complete requests from Customers.
  • We provide any Product as a sample/template/basis/draft for a research, reference, and inspiration purposes only to complete your own paper properly.
  • Entire parts(s) of the provided Product can be used in your own work only if properly cited and used as a source.
  • We adhere to all copyright laws and provide our Customers with strict conditions to appreciate academic ethics.

So, using our service simply cannot be considered as cheating, as long as we only supplement the research efforts giving hints to what Customers should look into to understand the subject better. The bulk work of the studying remains to be carried out by Customers to succeed in their coursework, as our assistance cannot substitute the hard work that the students are meant to perform.

* We strongly recommend you to check your university definition of plagiarism for the use of Product delivered by us.

Copyright & Personal Use

We never encourage or participate in any act of academic dishonesty, therefore, all papers are provided are for research or reference only. The Product is intended for non-commercial and personal use, and it may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, shared, or sold without our written consent. We have the full copyright to any Product we deliver to the Customer, and it remains the property of For more information, please visit Terms and Conditions.

If you are reading this then you are concerned about the legality of using our custom writing service.

For more information please visit the information above to let us explain our position and advice on how you can use the final file we provide you with.

Therefore, we may not knowingly allow the Customer to commit plagiarism or violate copyright laws by putting his/her name on the Product without changing a word. However, we never track any papers delivered to our Customers, so, in reality, it is just a question of your own ethical principles on how to use the paper we deliver.

You can always contact our Representative via live chat to clarify the legality of your purposes to use the paper.